Welcome to our Supplier Information Site!

Our shared services team manages procure to pay activities for Ionis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Akcea Therapeutics, Inc. We take pride in the strong, collaborative relationships we have built with our suppliers. It is important that our interactions are productive and efficient. We are continuously looking for solutions that provide us with better ways to communicate with you.

We use a portal, called the Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP), to manage transactions with our suppliers. The portal improves the accuracy and speed of the payment process and gives our suppliers instant access to payment information. Suppliers can use the Portal to:

  • Maintain supplier information
  • View purchase orders
  • Create and send invoices
  • View payment status

The Coupa Portal provides several benefits for our suppliers:

Benefits - Free, Faster, Easy to Use

Signing up for the Portal

If you are a new supplier, you should have already received an email invite to register
for the Portal. To request access to the Portal click here.

The Portal is the most efficient way to get your invoice paid. However, you can also
submit your invoices by two other electronic methods:

  • Actionable Email: You can act directly from your email inbox and create invoices
    directly from the purchase order.
  • cXML Transmission: You can send invoice information in a cXML format, and
    post the file directly to our procurement system.

Invoice Submission Requirements

  • Invoices must be attached to your submission as a single pdf readable document
  • The invoice must include a valid purchase order number; without a valid purchase
    order number the invoice will not be paid; it will be incumbent upon the supplier to
    obtain a valid purchase order number
  • An invoice should reference one purchase order only
  • Each invoice line must also include a reference to the corresponding purchase order
    line number for purchase orders with multiple lines; suppliers using the Coupa
    Supplier Portal will be able to view their purchase orders to ensure billings are
    constructed accurately
  • The invoice currency must be clearly indicated on the invoice

Supplier Payment Options

Suppliers may select from several payment methods:

  • Check or Wire – By default, all US suppliers are paid by check and all non-US
    suppliers are paid by wire.
  • ACH – US suppliers may select to be paid via ACH. This payment method
    requires the supplier to sign up for the Coupa Supplier Portal in order to retrieve
    remittance information for payments.
  • Procure to Pay Card – Suppliers may request to be paid via the Procure to Pay
    credit card program. Under this payment method, suppliers may be eligible for
    more favorable payment terms.

Payments for invoices not submitted through the portal or one of the other two
electronic methods noted above may not be made timely as they are outside of our
automated process.

For questions about payment method options and invoice delivery options,
suppliers click here.

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Travel & Expense Policies

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