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Our DEI Journey

Since Ionis’ inception in 1989, our founders valued diversity and noted in our original Culture Statement that “prejudicial barriers to human potential and productivity are foreign to our values.” That language remains the foundation or Our DEI Purpose and continues to drive the DEI progress in our organziation. In 2020, our leadership recognized the need to codify a formal DEI strategy to foster an inclusive and equitable workplace to ensure our employees could thrive. In mid-2020, we launched our initial ERG inclusion networks to promote diversity awareness and cultural understanding among employees. We also identified diversity metrics to track and introduced a DEI training program, allowing the organization to measure progress and hold itself accountable. Since then, the organization has seen an increase in diversity, improved employee engagement, and a thriving culture of inclusion. We continue to work toward evolving our programs and initiatives to meet our DEI goals.


ERG strategy introduced, diversity statement codified, DEI training started, and four ERGs launched


Two more ERGs started. CEO pledge for a more inclusive Life Science Industry signed, and first ESG disclosures made


DEI Advisory Council launched, ESG disclosures enhanced, 2 more ERGs added


DEI strategy formalized, external DEI website & dashboard published, a total of nine ERGs supported and growing

2024 +

DEI strategy integrated with corporate strategy