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We are committed to addressing the significant unmet needs across a spectrum of neurologic diseases.1-3

A Leader in the Neurology Community

Ionis provides scholarships for individuals affected by neurologic diseases and funds grants to support physicians and scientists.3-5 See below to learn more about the ways in which Ionis is partnering with and supporting its communities.

Advancing Disease Management Through Collaborations

Ionis Neurology partners with university researchers to identify genetic targets and develop and validate investigational RNA-targeted medicines for neurologic diseases.6-10

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MECP2, methyl CpG binding protein-2; RTM, RNA-targeted medicine.

Neurology Young Investigator Grant9

The Neurology Young Investigator Grant (YIG) was created by Ionis Neurology to advance high-quality research in the field of Alexander disease (AxD) by early career investigators. This grant will support clinical, basic, translational, and/or outcomes research on the topic of leukodystrophies, with a focus on AxD for up to two years.5

For any questions, please contact Ionis Medical Affairs at [email protected]

The ADAPT x Ionis Hope Scholarship4

In collaboration with Adapt Functional Movement Center, Ionis created a grant program that provides fully sponsored care services, rehabilitation programs, and education to individuals impacted by ALS. As of 2024, this program has issued more than $125,000 in grants.

The Ion-Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) Initiative11

The Ion-ARPA initiative is designed help identify and accelerate disruptive next-wave innovations to advance the development of novel therapeutic technologies.

One of the areas of interest for this grant is developing strategies that enable delivery of large nucleic acid payloads to the central nervous system.


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Ionis is built on a foundation of transformative technologies that target the underlying causes of neurologic diseases.

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We are committed to addressing the significant unmet needs across a spectrum of neurologic diseases.

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