Our pursuit to support patients is limitless

Receiving a devastating diagnosis can be overwhelming, especially when there are no approved therapies available and limited information to be found. It is important to know that you are not alone. Through our collaborations with patient advocacy organizations and communities worldwide we work to identify and understand the most urgent needs of people living with severe diseases and their caregivers.

Our work with patients and families inspires us, and our commitment to serving them is what fuels us to truly make a positive difference in their lives.

With patient needs as our central focus, we have become the leader in the discovery and development of antisense medicines; RNA-based therapies that allow us to target disease at the source, from the rarest of diseases, to those that impact millions of people.

Ionis community collaborations

At Ionis, the issues that are most critical to patients inform and inspire us in our work. By gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to live with disease, we gain a better appreciation of the disease burden, and can focus our resources where we believe we can make the most meaningful contribution. We seek industry and academic partners that share in our values and can help us to propel our research forward.

Corporate Alliances

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Community Commitment

Every year we provide support to various initiatives that have a positive effect in our community, from financial assistance to employee volunteerism and beyond. We seek sustainable partnerships and initiatives that support scientific innovation and unmet patient needs, including disease awareness, education and support.

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Supporting patients relentlessly

At Ionis, we’re here to help patients stay connected and informed.

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Once in a lifetime breakthroughs again and again

Meet Chuck. Active throughout his life, hATTR, a rare disease, started to rob him of the things he loved: riding his bicycle, dancing, racing motorcycles, and picking up his grandchildren. Just about to give up, news of a clinical trial renewed his hope.

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