Our Approach to Corporate Responsibility

At Ionis, we work with a sense of urgency to discover, develop and deliver medicines to create a better future for people with serious diseases. We believe operating responsibly and sustainably creates long-term value for our company and our stakeholders. Every day we work to create a positive impact for patients, communities and the broader world by creating a healthier and more resilient future for all.

As our business grows, Ionis continues to reinforce our commitment to corporate responsibility in all aspects of our work. Our three corporate responsibility strategic pillars and associated goals guide our approach and provide a framework for reporting on our performance.

To learn more about our corporate responsibility priorities, download our Materiality Assessment.

We innovate across the business and work tirelessly to discover, develop and deliver important new medicines for people with serious diseases.

We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture that drives excellence, embraces diversity and supports our communities.

We operate with integrity to help create a better, more sustainable future for all through environmental stewardship and responsible business practices and stakeholder interactions.

  • Maintain strong investment in innovative R&D rooted in patient need
  • Collaborate with organizations that address important needs in patient communities
  • Ensure high-quality processes to support clinical development and safe, reliable product supply
  • Support equitable access and affordability of our medicines
  • Cultivate a thriving workplace culture that is safe, inclusive and fosters innovation
  • Continue to strengthen and expand diversity, equity and inclusion across the company
  • Drive positive social impact through employee volunteerism and community support
  • Act with integrity and uphold our commitment to high ethical standards
  • Responsibly manage our environmental impact as we grow our operations

Our 2023 Corporate Responsibility Report is our third annual report and details our ongoing commitment to corporate responsibility and transparency through enhanced disclosures.

Report highlights include:

  • Established new corporate responsibility strategic pillars and goals based on findings from our first CR materiality assessment
  • Celebrated two new medicine approvals in 2023 and continued to advance a broad pipeline poised to bring a steady cadence of important new medicines to patients for years to come
  • Partnered with nearly 100 patient and caregiver community groups to better understand their journey and unmet needs
  • Enhanced disclosures including multi-year data for environment and workforce diversity
  • Continued to foster a strong workplace culture that is diverse, equitable and inclusive with new DEI website and employee VisION awards
  • Gave back to our local communities through 1,400+ hours of employee volunteering and $3.0M in corporate contributions
  • Continued to sustainably manage our environmental impact as our business grows
  • Increased transparency including new company policies regarding environment and clinical trials
  • Maintained strong corporate governance, compliance and a culture of integrity

2022 Corporate Responsibility Report
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2021 Corporate Responsibility Report
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Materiality Assessment
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Health, Safety and Environment Policy
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Clinical Trial Transparency Statement
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