Fake job advertisements are increasingly appearing on the internet and on social media. Following a few steps will help you to identify fake job ads and protect yourself if you suspect a scam.

How to identify a fake job ad:

  1. If the job offer requires you to pay something then this is certainly a scam.
  2. A legitimate company will never extend an offer without a personal interview or interaction.
  3. If you receive an offer for a job you did not apply for it is fake.
  4. Watch out for badly written emails and be suspicious of any emails not coming from an official company domain, for example @ionis.com or @ionisph.com.
  5. Always check the website address to ensure that it is the official url of the company.
  6. If you found a job on a job board or third party channel, always check on official company channels (website & social media channels) to ensure that the job exists.
  7. Listen to your instincts, if you suspect it to be a scam, it probably is.

How to protect yourself if you suspect a scam

  • Never give personal and confidential information
  • Never pay for anything
  • Ignore it
  • Report it to the company and the authorities

Ionis’ Statement

Please be aware of employment scams where people or entities are misusing the name of Ionis to post fake job advertisements.

Ionis will never extend an offer without a personal interview and will never charge any money for joining our company. All of our current job openings are displayed on the Careers section of our website.

If you have encountered a job posting or have been approached with a job offer that you suspect may be fraudulent, we strongly recommend you do not respond, send money or personal information, and ask you to report the fake job with as much information as possible.

Please feel free to reach out to Ionis’ human resources team at 760.931.9200 if you have any questions or want to confirm you are indeed working with an official Ionis third-party vendor or someone from our team.